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Receiving top-of-the-line cosmetic care doesn't always mean making yourself look younger. In some cases, aesthetic technology can also be used to help you feel younger in many aspects of your life. If you suffer from minor to moderate nighttime snoring, consider what snoring treatments at Body Art Rejuvenation can do for you. At her Miami, FL facility, nurse practitioner Sheila Arniella uses the innovative NightLase device to target the oral mucosa with a laser to reduce snoring. Reach out to our office to schedule a consultation, and find out if this treatment may be right for your needs.


During your snoring treatment, Sheila or a member of her team will ask you to relax in one of our minor procedure rooms. The innovative NightLase device is gentle enough to be used on the inner tissues of the mouth but penetrating enough to target the oral mucosa effectively with a precise heating effect. Snoring treatments with the NightLase are easy to perform and nonsurgical in nature, meaning that you will not require much downtime once your session has ended. Over time, you should begin to notice an improvement in your sleeping patterns.


If minor to mild sleep apnea is preventing you from getting a good night's worth of rest, schedule a consultation with Sheila Arniella at Body Art Rejuvenation. Using the power of the NightLase, snoring treatments will encourage the production of collagen within the oral mucosa to reduce the amplitude of your snoring and help you sleep safely and soundly.

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