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About Kybella

Even having a small amount of excess fat in the neck and chin area can create the look of a double chin, which is usually not anyone's desired appearance. The excess pockets of fat below the chin (submental area) can be caused by aging, weight fluctuations, or genetics that lead to a weaker chin and jawline for an undefined profile. Nurse practitioner Sheila Arniella is happy to offer a revolutionary technique to get rid of neck fat at Body Art Rejuvenation. KYBELLA is a new, nonsurgical option for upper neck fat. The active ingredient in KYBELLA is a synthetically made version of deoxycholic acid, which works similarly to the natural DA in the body to break down and absorb fat cells. Once it is injected beneath the chin, you can see a noticeable decrease in the volume of fat. When the fat is destroyed, the cells cannot return so you are able to enjoy your new, slim profile and defined jawline for years to come.

Our Kybella Injection Technique

KYBELLA is done inside one of our treatment rooms. Sheila will typically apply a numbing ointment to the treatment area if desired after the skin has been cleansed. The procedure lasts around 15 – 20 minutes, which comprises multiple, small injections targeting the submental area. Some patients may need a single treatment to reach their desired look while other patients may need multiple injections spaced three weeks between each appointment at Body Art Rejuvenation. Ideal results following this procedure leave your neck looking sleeker and slimmer, and your neckline will be more defined.

Reduce Neck Fat Today

Even if everyone else in your family has to hide their hereditary double chin, it doesn't mean you have to. Schedule a consultation with nurse practitioner Sheila Arniella to get more information about the new KYBELLA injectable treatments at Body Art Rejuvenation in Miami, FL. Destroy neck fat so you can enjoy a strong, defined jawline for many years to come.

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